Monitor and model the financial's of your home with Alcazar's suite of tools.

Mortgage Tracker
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You should have the best mortgage rates all the time.

Don't assume record low interest rates have left you in the best financial position possible.
Alcazar will monitor your mortgages for you and compare them to hundreds of banks to constantly improve your situation.

Property Dashboard

Financials, rents, equity, taxes, insurance

Alcazar's dashboard uses the home and mortgage data you provide to create a top down comprehensive financial picture in a visual dashboard for each of your properties.

Financial Transaction Modeling
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What if I rent out my old house or sell it before I buy a new one? Which scenario is better?

Design your future

Whatever you’re planning for the future, whether it be buying your first home, selling, moving up, or building a real estate empire, simulate multiple scenarios to help you reach your goals.

Actionable Notifications

Event driven alerts

Alcazar's notification system is built to work with all of our other products. Current mortgage rates dropped and a refinance would be ideal, option to shorten your loan term, rental rates on your investment property go up, tenant sends rent, or doesn't send rent? Alcazar will let you know giving you time and money back.

Rental Center

Connect with tenants and collect rents for free.

Our rental center helps with investment properties. Stop getting rent checks and move your rents to our rental center. Track rents for any properties, connect with your tenants, get alerts when rents are sent, setup automatic payments. Take a load off and save your time for making more investments.

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