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Property Financials

Monitor property values, mortgages, insurance, rents, and other home finances.

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Mortgage intelligence and loan pricing

More than 70% of consumers only check one option when mortgage shopping. Check hundreds at once.

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Financial modeling

Visualize multiple options when you're thinking of buying, selling, or financing property.

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Important Alerts

Better mortgage available? Better insurance coverage?
Not getting market rent?

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Focusing on consumer knowledge

We want all consumers to make be able to monitor the financial health of their properties and help build real estate wealth.

Did you know over $13 billion was overpaid to banks by consumers in the wrong mortgage?

Mortgages are often set it and forget it but can often be improved in many ways. Don't be part of that $13 billion.

Rental Center

Track and collect rents in one place to keep your cash flows updated at all times.

Rest assured, your data is safe.

Security & Privacy

We take security seriously and protect your data with 2048-bit SSL encryption.

We do not sell your personal information to any 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

It doesn't hurt to check if your house is leaking cash.

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